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Poco: EDM Technical Manual

GRAPHITE VS. COPPER Test Case The parameters of these tests were to EDM identi-cal electrode details to a depth of 1" using two electrodes (1 rough and 1 finish) and then deter-mine if additional electrodes were required to com-plete the job. For these tests

Premium Graphite Electrodes Maximize EDM Efficiency

Poco Graphite's premium graphite electrodes with consistent material properties increase electrode detail and improve machining productivity. In Booth 1037, Poco Graphite, Inc. (Decatur, TX) will showcase their premium graphite product line that includes more than 100 grades of graphites used in EDM, semiconductor, and other industrial applications.

Design Machining of EDM Electrodes

DACO can design and machine EDM Electrodes to almost any shape or style using the latest Solid Works Design software, and can machine all electrodes in-house on their high speed CNC Graphite/Carbon Cutting Machine. DACO can do it all in-house (design

Graphite Electrode for electric discharge machining(EDM)

Graphite Electrode for electric discharge machining(EDM) Graphite Electrode for electric discharge machining c ompares with copper: —— It can reduce the number of single electrodes, because it can be bundled into composite electrodes.

EDM Electrode

EDM or electrical discharge machining is one of the pioneering technologies in metalworking. Its development led to advancements in various aspects of the machining industry. EDM uses rapidly recurring electrical discharges or sparks generated between two electrodes to remove materials from the work piece and attain the desired size and shape.

EDM Leader in Design Manufacturing

Electrodes in an EDM machine consist of highly conductive and/or arc erosion-resistant materials such as graphite or copper. They can be rods or tubes, multi-channel or single hole, and can vary along all dimensions. Electrodes for small-hole EDM machines, or

High precision EDM machine for cable tie mould

2021/4/13HellermannTyton also uses graphite electrodes in the die-sink area, on which yellow RFID identification tags store information on each tool including its name, undersize and X,Y,Z offsets. The data is interrogated using a mobile phone app

Graphite electrodes China

Carbon and graphite - electrical components (10) Iron, steel and metallurgy - import-export (1) Lubricants, graphite (1) Buildings, modular (1) As another of two most famous carbon electrodes manufacturer of china for air arc carbon cutting, can directly export my

Graphite EDM Electrode Manufacturer

Graphite Seal Ring Graphite Heater Ingot Mold Graphite Casting Die Sintering Mold Graphite Parts Graphite Crucible Graphite Mold Beijing Guang Xin Guo Neng Technology Co., Ltd. 12 years factory experience in customized high-precision processing graphite products and providing cost-effective solutions based on customers' need.

EDM Electrode Materials Specifications

Find EDM Electrode Materials on GlobalSpec by specifications. EDM electrodes consist of highly conductive and/or arc erosion-resistant materials such as graphite or copper. EDM is an acronym for electric discharge machining, a process that uses a controlled

Graphite Products Worldwide

It also cools the two electrodes, and flushes away the products of machining from the gap. Engineering materials having higher thermal conductivity and melting points are used as a tool material for EDM process of machining. Copper, graphite, copper-tungsten

Poco EDM Graphite Descriptions

EDM-1 Color Code: White EDM-1 is the lowest priced ultrafine grain graphite available from Entegris | POCO Materials. In addition to providing good wear resistance, speed, and finish, lower electrode fabrication costs are possible when larger electrodes are required.

Graphite Electrode for electric discharge machining(EDM)

Graphite Electrode for electric discharge machining(EDM) Graphite Electrode for electric discharge machining c ompares with copper: —— It can reduce the number of single electrodes, because it can be bundled into composite electrodes.

The analysis of EDM electrodes wear in corners and edges

EDM machine setup All specimens were manufactured on a 433GS type EDM machine supplied by PENTA and fitted with a P-MG1-marked generator. Each sample was machined with a completely new 10 10 mm graphite or copper electrode, as shown in Fig. 1a.a.

Electrical Discharge Machining

Some of the most common plunge EDM electrodes include machined copper, graphite, tungsten and brace. EDM ADVANTAGES OVER TRADITIONAL MACHINING PROCESSES There are several distinct advantages to using EDM over traditional machining processes, especially in industries like aviation and marine and land based turbines.

Which one is better in EDM, copper electrode or

Graphite electrodes have the characteristics of being able to withstand large current conditions. In addition, under the conditions of suitable roughing settings, the carbonaceous steel work pieces are processed during the etching and the carbon produced in the decomposition fluid produced by the working fluid at high temperatures.

Electrode Machining Set Free

These two shops used to mill EDM electrodes on their metal cutting machines, but they have now shifted the work to graphite machining centers. Both shops say the advantage isn't just in the cycle time savings, it's in the inefficiencies they can now overcome.


Electrodes can be made from Entegris | POCO Materials graphite in virtually any configuration. Entegris | POCO Materials has built its reputation as the premier source for EDM materials by producing the best EDM graphites in the world with superior EDM performance, not exaggerated promises.

Electrode Manufacturing Automation Webinar

This webinar discussed the die-sinking EDM process and how it solves many demands across the molding, aerospace, and medical industries. They also shared examples, process planning, tool holder choices, cutters, work holding, CAD-CAM, and machining strategies required to make graphite electrodes efficiently.

EDM Graphite Electrodes

EDM Graphite Electrodes We offer World Class Graphite from Toyo Tanso Co. ltd. Japan which is isotropic, very fine grain graphite with high strength, high density, electrical conductivity, providing high metal removal rate, excellent surface finish, and high resistance to electrode wear makes it an excellent EDM electrode material.

IMTS Conference

The die sinking EDM process solves many demands across the molding, aerospace, and medical industries. To keep everything moving efficiently, this requires a constant flow of quality electrodes. Join MC Machinery as we share examples, process planning, tool holder choices, cutters, workholding, CAD CAM, and machining strategies required to make graphite electrodes efficiently. Additionally, we

EDM Graphite Electrodes

EDM graphite electrodes can be mounted on 20 mm shank. Other products such as dies, stamps, ring stamps, pliers hubs can be fabricated. Capabilities include CAD/CAM design engineering, CNC machining, CNC milling, CNC engraving, EDM, lathe machining, grinding die cutting.

Graphite EDM Electrodes Work

The market for graphite electrodes for electrical discharge machining (EDM) has gotten smaller. High-speed, CNC milling operations have taken a chunk of the business and are doing a good job. But for applications involving materials that are difficult to machine or locations that a cutting tool can't reach, graphite electrodes with EDM offers solid solutions and works hand-in-hand with other

The Die/Mould Dilemma: Milling Graphite

"If a graphite mill is to be dedicated solely to producing graphite electrodes, then an EDM dielectric fluid can be used for flood coolant. The use of EDM dielectric fluid as a coolant within the milling machine will require other modifications to the coolant filtration system, because graphite dust will clump and cake up, which could clog a standard coolant system."

Conventional EDM vs Wire EDM

EDM uses tools of graphite or soft metal as electrodes and runs voltage through them to generate high-frequency spark discharges. During machining, both the electrode and the material being worked are typically submerged in a bath of dielectric fluid, which cools the electrode and workpiece, acts as a current conductor and flushes out debris.

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