macro-fiber composite actuated simply supported thin

The effect of cure cycle on microstructure and mechanical

Carbon fibre reinforced thermoset composites make for lighter and stronger structures and are widely used for secondary and primary structures of commercial airplanes. The cure cycle is important to achieve a high quality of composite components. Cure path dependency for thermoset composites has received increasing interest from automotive and aerospace researchers as fast cure cycles are

A Review of Impact of Textile Research on Protective Face

2021/4/13Fiber is a generic name for long (length l approx. 10 −2 to 10 −1 m) thin (diameter d approx. 10 −6 to 3. 10 −5 m) rod-like formations prepared from polymeric or non-polymeric substances. The typical length to diameter ratio l / d is about 10 3 [ 5 ].

US Patent for Systems and methods for multi

Systems and methods are provided for sample processing. A device may be provided, capable of receiving the sample, and performing one or more of a sample preparation, sample assay, and detection step. The device may be capable of performing multiple assays.

A Review of Impact of Textile Research on Protective Face

2021/4/13Fiber is a generic name for long (length l approx. 10 −2 to 10 −1 m) thin (diameter d approx. 10 −6 to 3. 10 −5 m) rod-like formations prepared from polymeric or non-polymeric substances. The typical length to diameter ratio l / d is about 10 3 [ 5 ].

ASTM International

ADJD6416-E-PDF Adjunct to D6416/D6416M Test Method for Two-Dimensional Flexural Properties of Simply Supported Sandwich Composite Plates Subjected to a Distributed Load ADJD6641-E-PDF Adjunct to D6641/D6641M Test Method for Determining the Compressive Properties of Polymer Matrix Composite Laminates Using a Combined Loading Compression (CLC) Test Fixture

Piezoelectric Microfiber Composite Actuators for

Morphing wing technologies provide expanded functionality in piloted and robotic aircraft, extending particular vehicle mission parameters as well as increasing the role of aviation in both military and civilian applications. However, realizing control surfaces that do not void the benefits of morphing wings presents challenges that can be addressed with microfiber composite actuators (MFCs

(PDF) Free Vibration Analysis of Composite Laminated

Kapuria et al. [ ] assessed a zigzag 1D laminated beam theory and compared the analytical solutions of simply supported beam to the exact 2D elasticity solutions. Murthy et al. [ ] supposed a refined2-node beam element based on the TOSDBT for the free vibration analysis of asymmetrically stacked composite beams.

Large deformation mechanical modeling with bilinear

Macro-Fiber Composite bimorph is a kind of piezoelectric actuator that allow large bending deformation. However, macro-fiber composites exhibit strong stiffness nonlinearity in their operation rang Intended for healthcare professionals

Seminar Program

This model is composed of two thin rigid wings and a rod-shaped body, and flaps its wings downward to generate lift force and backward to generate thrust force like an actual butterfly. It has been found that such a simple model can generate enough lift force to support an actual butterfly's weight even in its free flight from the resting state.

Development of a Carbon Mesh Supported Thin Film

These supported membranes were found to be much more physically stable than the composite TFME membranes introduced by Jiang et al., withstanding aqueous agitation rates of 800 rpm without folding, while surviving at least 50 consecutive injections.


In this paper, Macro-Fiber Composite (MFC) based actuators are designed for removing wrinkles in a Kapton membrane formed due to mechanical loadings. Three actuator configurations are fabricated and tested for a square membrane and are compared through force–displacement testing.

Modeling and simulation of macro

2015/8/1Piezo fiber composite material, macro-fiber composite (MFC), is increasingly applied in engineering, due to its high flexibility and strong actuation forces. This paper develops a linear electro-mechanically coupled finite element (FE) model for composite laminated thin-walled smart structures bonded with orthotropic MFCs having arbitrary piezo fiber orientation.

Composite Products Design and Analysis, with

2018/12/28Evaluate the benefits and/or sensitivity of material, thickness, number of plys, or orientation in an existing thin walled composite material application SOLIDWORKS Simulation Composites: Composite formulations supported: 3-layer Sandwich Multi-layer Static


2010/5/1A piezoceramic composite actuator known as Macro-Fiber Composite (MFC) is used for actuation in the design of a variable camber airfoil intended for a ducted fan aircraft. The study focuses on response characterization under aerodynamic loads for circular arc airfoils with variable pinned boundary conditions. A parametric study of fluid-structure interaction is employed to find pin locations

and Energy Harvesting of a Composite Structure

experimental tests. Borowiec et al. [26] used the Macro-Fiber Composite (MFC) element to harvest energy from the vibrations of composite structures. The effects of the system load on the generated voltage in an active element are tested experimentally and

On the Vibration Behavior Study of a Nonlinear Flexible Composite

structure with Macro Fiber Composite (MFC) actuator. Multiple scale perturbation method is applied to obtain the solutions of a four-edge simply supported angle-ply composite laminated rectangular thin plate excited by both the in-plane and to derive the


Thin-walled cylindrical pressure vessel C U/S --- Initial screening of solutions IV Case study 9.1-Selecting a beam material for minimum cost I A simply supported beam of rectangular cross section of length 1 meter, width 100 mm, and no restriction on the

A Review of Impact of Textile Research on Protective Face

2021/4/13Fiber is a generic name for long (length l approx. 10 −2 to 10 −1 m) thin (diameter d approx. 10 −6 to 3. 10 −5 m) rod-like formations prepared from polymeric or non-polymeric substances. The typical length to diameter ratio l / d is about 10 3 [ 5 ].

Optimal Placement of Piezoelectric Macro Fiber

Overview on Macro Fiber Composite Applications, Smart Structures and Materials: Active Materials: Behavior and Mechanics. [ Links ] Schrck, J.; Meurer, T. and Kugi, A. (2011).Control of a flexible beam actuated by macro-fiber composite patches: I. Modeling and feedforward trajectory control, Smart Materials And Structures, Vol. 20.

Vibration Analysis of a Magnetoelectroelastic Rectangular

Optimal placement of piezoelectric macro fiber composite patches on composite plates for vibration suppression, Latin American Journal of Solids and Structures 12(5): 925-947. [ Links ] Pan, E. (2001). Exact solution for simply supported and multilayeredLinks ]


The user interface device according to claim 6, wherein the deformable actuator comprises a macro fiber composite. 8 . The user interface device according to claim 1, wherein the haptic output device comprises an array of electrodes located at the surface configured to generate electrotactile stimulation as at least part of the haptic effect.


A. Mukherjee, S. Faruque Ali and A. Arockiarajan, "Modeling of integrated shape memory alloy and Macro-Fiber Composite actuated trailing edge, Smart Materials and Structures, 2020. A. Mukherjee, M. I. Friswell, S. Faruque Ali and A. Arockiarajan, "Modeling and design of a class of hybrid bistable symmetric laminates with cantilever boundary configuration, Composite Structures, 239, 1-14

Vibration suppression analysis for laminated composite

Kim H.S., Sohn J.W., Choi S.B., 2011, Vibration control of a cylindrical shell structure using macro fiber composite actuators, Mechanics Based Design of Structures and Machines 39(4): 491-506. Touratier M., 1991, An efficient standard plate theory, International Journal of Engineering Science 29(8): 901-916.

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